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Eileen Patterson
Los Alamos, NM

Eileen has made many donations to the Mets museums. When I offered her the chance to have her picture and bio posted, here was her response:

"As for having my face plastered all over the Internet...gee, that doesn't really appeal to me, in spite of my exquisite beauty. (Eileen later submitted this picture of her drawn by one of her young friends.) A bio?

"Hmm. Should I tell all? Reveal the truth about many lovers, my failed tap-dancing career (I know it was the costume...Tippy-Tap Tuna never did catch on), those hair-raising night raids across enemy territory? Or perhaps I should stick to the more mundane stuff...a childhood in the nation's Atomic City, the frogs with hairnets I kept in my bedroom, my failed marriage (shoot...that's EVERYONE'S story), my college degrees, my years as an artist, my stint on an all-woman wallpapering crew, my drug-pushing sister (she's a pharmacist), my teaching sister (an elementary school teacher with an iguana that's developed an unfortunate taste for country-western music, which he plays LOUDLY), my eventual return to The Atomic City just in time for the first full-city evacuation (this one fire-related) since the end of the Cold War.

"That about sums it up."

Evert Jansen
Amsterdam, Holland

Evert is a Roberto Alomar collector from across the ocean, who kindly donated a fistful of hard-to-find Alomar cards to the New York Mets Hall of Records.

Peggy Durbin
Los Alamos, NM

Peggy sent me this picture of her Belgian Sheepdog, Ike, along with a donation of some '60s-era Mets cards.

Greg Miles
Pleasant Plains, IL

Greg sent me a batch of Gregg Jefferies cards to beef up my collection.


Frank Lin
Durham, NC

Frank donated a Mark Johnson certified autograph card to the Hall of Records. He is also one of my most active traders, and attends an awful lot of Durham Bulls games! He's pictured here with Mark Johnson himself.

Steve Quist
Farmington, MN

Steve, a long-time Rounding Third customer and avid Minnesota Twins collector, found a fourteen-year-old John Gibbons minor league card when he was cleaning some stuff and thought of me! Apart from the gift of that card, Steve has been one of my most valued customers--always polite, pleasant, and does his own math.

Harold Auerbach
Miami, FL

Hal provided me with a pleasant surprise by sending a large batch of Robin Ventura cards to round out my collection. By his own estimation, he has 77% of the Robin Ventura cards that have ever been produced--a stunning feat in this age of multiple inserts and parallel sets!

Robert Cunningham
Bonfield, Ontario, Canada

Robert sent me a 1977 Mets yearbook and a 1984 Mets information guide to beef up my library.

Greg Cashen

Greg sent me a copy of the only card ever produced of his father, legendary Mets GM Frank Cashen.

Steve Fader
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

Steve is the author who co-wrote the book "Lenny Randle: Compton to Beyond the Big Leagues" with former Met star Randle. He sent me a copy of his book, autographed by himself and Lenny, and also an autographed Len Randle baseball card. Part of his book is also reprinted, with his permission, elsewhere on this website.

Joe Crawford
Willard, OH

Yes, this is the Joe Crawford who pitched a nice half-season for the Mets in 1997. Joe sent me a batch of his cards, including a couple from Japan, and some minor-league cards that I didn't even know existed.

Adam Jenkins
Swansea, IL

Adam is a superb trader; I don't know how he puts together the deals he does, but they're very impressive. And he also gave me a Wally Backman minor-league card, autographed, just for nothin'.

Michelle Freed
Boaz, WV

Michelle started corresponding with me because of a mutual interest in John Stearns; she sent me several photographs of herself along with Mets players who also spent time with the Yankees. That's right--a Yankee fan. Nobody's perfect. Michelle also sent me the Don Zimmer mask from Tropicana Field that's in my collection. She was at the game.

New York Mets Hall of Records Home Page - Rounding Third baseball card shop


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