Glenn Sherlock

Glenn Patrick Sherlock
Batted: Left
Threw: Right
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Born: September 26, 1960 in Nahant, MA
Drafted: 21st round 1983 by the Houston Astros


For most of Glenn's playing career, he was a light-hitting backup catcher in the New York Yankees organization.  Following his career, he went to work for the Arizona Diamondbacks, serving in several different capacities in nearly twenty years, including two years as their bench coach.  For the Mets, he served two years as their third-base coach, and then moved across the diamond to the first-base line, before taking a brief hiatus to Pittsburgh and then returning as the Mets' bench coach in 2022.  He's shown here long before that, on 1989 ProCards.

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This is a list of the cards of this player that I had in my Mets collection before I transferred the ownership of said collection to another diligent and capable Mets fan. The cards that are listed in light gray print and struck through are cards that were sold for charity prior to my divestiture.  The cards listed in white text are the ones that still remained until that final deal.  Items listed in green I kept out of the deal, just so I'd have something to display in my office and den.  At the bottom and listed in orange text are cards that I picked up after the dealing was done, in order to maintain a certain continuity at this site; that is, so I'd have a card to show you at the top of the page, and maybe in the autographs and game-used areas.  If an orange card is struck through, it has also departed the collection.  m still accepting donations, should you feel so moved.  Contact me by following this link: NYMHall.

1986 ProCards Osceola Astros

1987 ProCards Columbus Clippers #26

1988 ProCards Columbus Clippers #304

1989 ProCards Albany Yankees #339

1990 ProCards Albany Yankees #1183
1989 Star Albany-Colonie Yankees #26

1991 Classic Best Ft. Lauderdale Yankees #3
1991 ProCards Ft. Lauderdale Yankees #2443

2001 Keebler Arizona Diamondbacks #28 (Coaches; checklist)

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