The New York Mets Hall of Records


2000s Hitters

1. David Wright
Starting Third Baseman

2. Carlos Beltran
Starting Outfielder

3. Mike Piazza
Starting Catcher

4T. Edgardo Alfonzo
Starting Second Baseman

4T. Carlos Delgado
Starting First Baseman

6T. Cliff Floyd
Starting Outfielder

6T. Jose Reyes
Starting Shortstop

8. Todd Zeile
Reserve First Baseman

9. Mike Cameron
Starting Outfielder

10. Robin Ventura
Reserve Infielder

11. Benny Agbayani
Reserve Outfielder

12. Paul Lo Duca
Reserve Catcher

13. Luis Castillo
Reserve Infielder

14T. Fernando Tatis
Reserve Outfielder

16. Jay Payton
Reserve Outfielder

Remainder of the Top 25 Hitters for the 2000s:

14T. Ty Wigginton
17. Derek Bell
18. Mo Vaughn
19T. Shawn Green
19T. Jeromy Burnitz
21. Moises Alou
22. Roger Cedeno
23. Timo Perez
24. Jason Phillips
25. Desi Relaford

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