The New York Mets Hall of Records


1990s Hitters

1. John Olerud
Starting First Baseman

2. Mike Piazza
Starting Catcher

3. Edgardo Alfonzo
Starting Third Baseman

4. Bernard Gilkey
Starting Outfielder

5. Bobby Bonilla
Starting Outfielder

6. Howard Johnson
Reserve Infielder

7. Todd Hundley
Reserve Catcher

8T. Lance Johnson
Starting Outfielder

8T. Dave Magadan
Reserve First Baseman

11T. Rickey Henderson
Reserve Outfielder

11T. Jeff Kent
Starting Second Baseman

13T. Kevin McReynolds
Reserve Outfielder

15. Darryl Strawberry
Reserve Outfielder

16. Gregg Jefferies
Reserve Infielder

25. Jose Vizcaino
Starting Shortstop

Remainder of the Top 25 Hitters for the 1990s:

10. Robin Ventura
13T. Eddie Murray
17. Rico Brogna
18. Butch Huskey
19. Roger Cedeno
20. Brian McRae
21. Daryl Boston
22. Carl Everett
23. Brett Butler
24. Vince Coleman

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