Phantom Mets


In the course of their history, the Mets have had a handful of players
get called up to the big club, get issued a uniform,
and stalk around the dugout or lurk in the bullpen for a few days,
only to return from whence they came without ever seeing a pitch
for the orange and blue.  This is that select company of hazy characters.
Let's face it: They got closer than you or I did.

A special shout-out goes to the boys at Faith and Fear in Flushing for
helping me compile this list.


Peyton Battenfield

pitcher, 2023 (1)

Jim Bibby

pitcher, 1969, 1971 (5)

Randy Bobb

catcher, 1970 (1)

Billy Cotton

catcher, 1972 (0)

Anderson Garcia

pitcher, 2006 (1)

Connor Grey

pitcher, 2022 (1)

Terrel Hansen

outfielder, 1992 (1)

Elieser Hernandez

pitcher, 2023 (2)

Gosuke Katoh

infielder, 2022 (1)

Ruddy Lugo

pitcher, 2008 (1)

Gerry Moses

catcher. 1975 (2)

Alberto Reyes

reliever, 2008 (2)

Kramer Robertson

infielder, 2022 (1)

Mac Suzuki

pitcher, 1999 (2)


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